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Scott Roofing was established in 1995. We are locally Owned and Operated and have served Lubbock and surrounding areas for 20 years. We have an A+ Rating in BBB.

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in June 2010. we purchased our home. The house passed the home inspection with a good report considering the house was built in the 60's. The first problem we experienced was on the first rain when our family room window seal leaked. My husband did his best to determine the point of entry. Unfortunately. everything we tried to fix the problem failed. Eventually, the roof started leaking through an air conditioning vent which was situated beside a skylight. It was apparent that there had been a problem with this roof before but the previous owners claimed that Andrus Roofing had fixed the problem before we purchased the home. The rain was coming in at the pitch of the roof and accumulating in a low spot which was eventually running down the rafters.
Scott's Roofing responded to my initial call almost immediately. They arrived on schedule to discuss the problem with the roof with my husband. We were quoted a price of $1800 and told the job would be completed within 2 days and they could start the following week. After interviewing several other companies we chose Scott‘s Roofing. We scheduled a date to start the job. When the day came and the workers had not arrived by 11:00. my husband called them. They said they could not make it until the following morning which caused a problem for my husband because he had taken that day off to observe. The next morning the workers arrived around 9:30. At 4:00 they were all gone, men. equipment and materials. The only thing left was their work truck which was parked in my driveway. My husband called the owner and he said they had run out of materials but were coming back to finish the job. They all came back that evening and they did finish the job within several hours. So far, so good. it finally rained here last week and it did not leak so we're keeping our fingers crossed. Our overall experience with this company was fairly good. We do have a 5 year warranty on labor.


He gave me an appraisal. When my insurance check came in I
gave it to him. He was dealing with my insurance agent on my
claim. They were very efficient. He looked the damage over and
used chalk to mark the damage. I had high winds and hail
damage that damaged the roof. They were at the job at 7am
and were done and cleaned up by 4pm. They had 9 people on
the roof doing the job. He replaced the roofing, the flashing, and
all the trim. They went around the entire house with a magnet to
pick up all the nails and tacs. They did a really nice job and i was
impressed with him and his crew. I would highly recommend
him to any of my associates.

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